Music, Rock bands and Pop Music

Music is known as the language of the soul and for all the right reasons. Music is a form of art, a universal language that everyone understands and can relate to. It stems from many different cultures in a spectrum of genres and each of these genres appeal to and is popular among a lot of people spread across the globe. Music is used for celebrations, to press down sorrow, therapies and it serves many other benefits. Among the many genres of music that exist e.g. classical, jazz, rock n roll, orchestra, rock,  pop any many others. Although all the genres of music are highly adored worldwide but the rock music and the pop music carry the most number of likes and fans. There are many bands which came up and produced great masterpieces in the world of rock and pop music.


Rock music and the rock bands are considered to be the in deep, passionate type of genre of music which involves a lot of metallic sounds, rock guitars, and high pitched and high note sounds that freeze the mind. The rock music celebrates love with the darkest of the context and if not dark then the most passionate. It’s a fusion of blues, and country music with the great dominance from rock n roll. Rock music has been a sub product of rock n roll. The rock music reached it mature peak age in the early 60’s and not only did it emerge as a distinctive form of music but also that it gave birth to many hybrid form of rock music. The punk and alternative rock are two of the most loved branches of rock music. Rock music is more based on live performances where the sound intensity can be felt to greater extent. The rock music s rough cut and raw, the sound quality is keep rugged and a lot of importance is based on the visuals in both a live as well as studio performance. It has its roots in United States of America unlike the pop music.

Pop music is from the western origins with the deep connection with rock n roll. Pop music is the short version of popular music and it’s a wide branch that contains many sub branches. Many of the other types of music fall into the category of pop music. Although pop music as many sub genres but there are a few core elements that make pop music pop. All the pop songs are of medium length not long. Pop music is basically the type of music which makes the head pop using guitars and bass.

Pop music is the professional form of music which is a combination of fine art and folk genres. Pop music is always directed towards the top of the music charts but since its popular music from around the globe be it any genre so it’s very dynamic and spreads on a wide scale. Pop music is more popular among youngsters and is highly youth oriented. The modern genres that became a part of pop music very late in the evolution of music industry are deep blues and country music. Michael Jackson and Madonna have been making the pop tunes that have taken this form of music to the greatest of the heights. The pop music has its origin in the British era but ever since then the British have been able to spread it to the whole world. Pop music has become more and more accessible and understandable to millions of people with the passage of time. This type of music is not profit driven, rather its very conservative to the core. Pop music has a wide appeal. It plays great emphasis on studio recordings which actually elevate the genre of the pop music making it pop in the truest of the sense. Pop music is not progressive with time however. Pop music is employed for dance parties and similar joyous merry moments and events.



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